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Having a space covered by a protection or even a roof is a great advantage, especially for the cooler days and nights. Covered terraces give a feeling of comfort and a more intimate atmosphere, when accompanied by a gas heater the room becomes a unique space full of personality.

A frequent question for those looking to purchase a gas heater is whether it is compatible with covered outdoor terraces. Perhaps your first guess would be to say no, but the answer is yes, if you use the right option. In a covered outdoor space it is safer to use a gas product than a wood burning one, as with this type of combustion it is not possible, through an electrical mechanism, to control the flames making wood burning products more unpredictable.

GlammFire’s Selene range is the ideal range of gas heaters for this type of situation, with controllable combustion zones that work efficiently and are made from premium material that make them highly resistant to the outdoor environment.

The Selene heaters have a distinctive design that promises to give even more personality to the spaces where they are inserted. In addition to the two models available, it is possible to customise their colour and finishes according to your interests.

Selene gas heaters create a warm and pleasant outdoor environment all year round. A stunning and powerful flame with an elegant vertical design. Equipped with wheels, it is a heater with ease of movement that makes it ideal for moving into private homes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

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