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Our exclusive fireplaces are always seen as the heart of the home.

GlammFire was founded in September 2008, in northern Portugal, with the goal of developing and manufacturing exclusive fireplaces.

The will for greater efficiency, the search for differentiation, achieved by the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to ecology are present in every detail of GlammFire products.


In northern Portugal, there is a place where exclusivity is perfectly made, coming to life in unique and desirable fireplaces. Here, the magic of fire is shaped and tested by the minds and hands of talented and expert people. And the most exclusive dreams and desires come true.

Welcome to our home.



Every story has a beginning, and ours began ten years ago. Ten years of fulfilment and expectations, where our innovative philosophy and culture, cutting-edge technology and Portuguese design & craftsmanship have an important role for keeping GlammFire at the forefront of fireplace design and present in over 50 markets worldwide.

Still feeling the same excitement of the beginning, we have cause to celebrate this prolific decade. With #TenYearsTenSensations, that is more than an emotional and penetrating campaign, we take the opportunity to look back and inspire the people by showing the sensations or feelings that our products provoke in everyone who love or contemplate them.

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Let be involved by the exclusive sensations that have been defining us and make GlammFire an iconic fireplaces brand across the world.


GlammFire is as good as its people. If our products are always seen as the heart of the home, our people are the soul of our company. It is very important to us that they are given all conditions and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Here, where creativity and motivation are extremely vital to our culture and brand, gender equality, diversity, female empowerment and active citizenship are always encouraged and taken into account. In this matter, trying to lead by example is one of our main objectives.


By its hedonist and dancing fire, GlammFire plays an essential role in the national and international promotion of Portuguese design. As pioneer and innovator, we love to share our philosophy and posture across everything we do. Especially in our products.

Thanks to the features by which we are recognized – Innovation, Exclusivity, Excellence, Rigor, Quality, Talent, Elegance Experience – and continuous reinvention of our production, at the aesthetic and technical level, we rethink how we produce new exclusive products and use new premium materials to shape the magic of fire and take the prestige of Portuguese culture and design further. More than (re) imagine, we always try to make a notorious impact by our new exclusive products.


The Quality Management and Environment System certification, obtained according to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 norms, certifies the high quality standards used in product development and manufacturing, as well as the global methodology of the company that secures the confidence of our customers and the demanding respect for the environment.

Always driven by our Culture of Exclusivity, we increasingly dedicate important time to protecting the Earth and environment sustainability, by a set of measures and best environmental practices to safeguard the rational use of energy resources, reduce emissions and promote an adequate management of waste. We’re applying this philosophy throughout our factory and office departments.


Behind this exclusive brand is a team of passionate and specialist people who do their utmost to satisfy the wishes of clients who commission a GlammFire fireplace.
GlammLab is their “shelter”, where they hone their skills and create what many people consider to be the most wonderful fireplaces in the world.

This centre of product development and testing, where we prototype our timeless and forward-looking fireplaces, is extremely vital not only for our craftsmanship or industrial approach but also for our business. Here, also providing a support function for production team, we test materials, components and technologies, i.e., metals, steels, paints, leathers or processes, as dictated by business requirements and production needs.


Our life is about craftsmanship. It is expressed in everything we do. At GlammFactory, each GlammFire fireplace is built by hand. Reason to say: No one knows a GlammFire fireplace like the craftsmen who built it. Only our specialist technicians can bring to life the most Exclusive Fireplaces in the world, mixing old techniques, sometimes ancient, with cutting-edge technology and materials. Once assembled, every fireplace go through a series of rigorous tests and quality control checks before it is ready for delivery.

Standing at over 5.500 square meters with over 35 employees, GlammFactory has light, airy and spacious work areas. There is a floor-to-ceiling light that creates a stimulating work environment. Easily accessible from Oporto or Vigo, our factory is situated in Monção, a small village known for among other things such as its historical monuments and legends, Alvarinho wine, unique in the world, traditional cuisine and thermal waters.


Exclusivity or to be exclusive?

More exclusive than any place, GlammRoom is the perfect answer. From the timeless design of our Bioethanol Fireplaces to the unconventional concept of our Fire Pits & Barbecues, here you’ll find a selection of our Exclusive Fireplaces.