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“I feel creative. I research, create, generate, enlighten and warm my spirit.”

France, Perpignan, 13 September 1968.

I was born as a small flame, a flame. At the tender age of 16, I embraced the enthusiasm and passion for fire in France and began working in the field of fireplaces and stoves.

I chose the mastery of fire, humanity’s heroic love affair, as the direction of my professional life. From then on, I wanted something of my own, something intimate. In Portugal, I discovered the opportunity to combine my knowledge and desire, and I set off in search of turning my fantasies into reality.

In a context of exclusivity, GlammFire was born in 2008. Fantasy became reality. From that moment on, innovative and distinctive creations came to life and were transformed into exclusive fireplaces with a unique design and style. They are authentic illuminated works of art.

And GlammFire, as an emotional brand, expresses and shows the essence of fire.

Marcelo Alves Inácio
CEO & President