Monção, Madrid, London, Paris, New York, Beijing, Shanghai 18th November – GlammFire, the Portuguese luxury fireplace brand, is launching a blog to demystify the use of bioethanol in fireplaces. A highly ecological and environmentally friendly alternative, with several advantages for those who want to install a fireplace without having to resort to major installation works.

GlammFire Blog will be launched on 22nd November. A space where it will be shared numerous contents about GlammFire as a company and brand, trends and solutions for indoor and outdoor heating. In addition, it will also include exclusive interviews with Portuguese personalities from architecture, interior design and even product designers who have worked directly with GlammFire.

"GlammFire is a brand that has always aspired to innovate in both parts, design and technology. The bet on bioethanol is a proof of that. However, communication is also an important pillar for us. That’s why we increasingly seek each time more to offer new experiences to our clients and this time the bet goes through the blog launch." - says Marcelo Inácio, GlammFire's CEO.

"This project aims to demystify the use of bioethanol as a fuel for fireplaces. The benefits of bioethanol are countless, either due to the fact that it is a biofuel or due to the benefits that this type of fireplace does not require major installation work. We will have the opportunity to talk with well-known people in the field of architecture and interior design who use GlammFire products in their projects that will witness the many advantages of bioethanol." - says Soraia Lopes, GlammFire's Chief Marketing Officer.

The access to the Blog is simple, you just need to go to GlammFire’s website and in the menu there will be a page dedicated to the blog. To start the blog the brand will present as its first content an interview with Marcelo Inácio, GlammFire's CEO, which will share his history, what led him to create the brand and how he imagines the future.

The blog will be updated monthly with new content adapted to the interests of the brand's target audience.