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Contour – Timeless Minimalism

Monção, Madrid, London, Paris, New York, Beijing, Shanghai 24 September - Portuguese luxury fireplace brand GlammFire celebrated its 13th anniversary on 13 September. To mark the date in a special way, it launched a new bioethanol fireplace, the Contour.

Over the years GlammFire has endeavoured to innovate both in the design of its products and in the field of technology, always offering its customers unique and differentiated products, without ever neglecting refinement, safety and respect for the environment. This year, in celebration, the brand challenged award-winning French-Portuguese designer Christophe de Sousa to develop a unique product that stands out from the rest of the brand's product range.

"This year 2021 is an exceptional year, we are celebrating 13 years on a date that is very special to me, the 13th of September. I too was born on Friday 13 September 1968. Although many people associate this number with something negative, for me it's a number of luck, change and innovation. That's why I believed it was the ideal time to launch something different that broke with everything we've been presenting to date." - says Marcelo Inácio, CEO of GlammFire.

The Contour fireplace is a minimalist piece characterised by its simplicity, careful features and monochrome colour palette that contributes to the serenity of your living room. Equipped with an EVORound burner using GlammFire's Crea7ionEVOPlus technology, it is an environmentally friendly fireplace, as it burns bioethanol, a green fuel made from sugar cane. Contour also has other features that make it special, such as its slightly inclined shape which, when turned towards the user, creates a kind of "dialogue" between the two. It also has the ability to rotate 360º, allowing users to fully appreciate the flame.

"During my first visit to the company I was impressed by the technology of the round bioethanol burner developed by GlammFire. The idea was to create an element that surrounds the burner, something that is present but doesn't take away from the flame. That's how we came up with the name Contour, which describes this idea, an element that embraces and surrounds the GlammFire burner technology" - Christophe de Sousa, Designer.