Tabletop Fireplaces | The new range of ethanol tabletop fireplaces

Tabletop Fireplaces | The new range of ethanol tabletop fireplaces

The tabletop fireplaces are the collection that was missing at GlammFire. We want to turn the intimate moments even more special and memorable. A set of exclusive products that fulfil the range of already existing fireplaces. The details and high quality workmanship build the heat and fire with their peculiar shapes and small sizes.

Small shapes. Same charm.

With fine workmanship and diversity of colours, the tabletops take us to a brand new world, more intense, confidential and personal. Nevertheless, the security of our clients stays as one of our main premises when we create our products and the new ethanol tabletop fireplaces are not an exception.

Memories that never fade away.

Their look is unmistakable and the details are amazing. All the tabletop fireplaces were created and designed taking into account the different types of surrounding decoration, able to adapt themselves into different environments, always with a touch of modernity in every model. Both during meals, family gatherings or reunions with friends, our tabletops will always be the soul of your decoration and will stay in the retina of every visitor.