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Meals are great opportunities to bring family and friends together without the need for some important occasion. A busy life needs a break in the company of your barbecue, family and friends. GlammFire models are versatile barbecues, developed with high quality raw material, resistant to various types of climate and spaces. The only difficulty will be to choose the ideal model because the design of these barbecues is unique.

The boldness of a barbecue with elegance enhanced by its black colour.

La Bohème is a model that has a charcoal or gas grill, with the possibility of adding a built-in oven and a sink that will allow you to prepare and cook all kinds of meals outdoors, appealing to family gatherings.

A model that can easily be transformed into a real outdoor kitchen.

The Intermezzo barbecue is a unique model with a surprising character. An imposing piece that marks any space. Its irreverent design allows the front of the barbecue to be closed, making it a decorative piece in your garden when not in use.

The Alba Grill model arises from the need to create a unique ( for the design and the materials used in its production) and functional barbecue that fits in many outdoor spaces. The use of quartz provides a unique experience for those who use the Alba Grill and are unconditional fans of grilling. The flame reflected on the quartz glass reproduces a wide range of shades.

Besides having a compartment at the bottom of the model to store firewood, it can also come with a support table that will be a precious help when serving or cutting food, quickly and easily thanks to its 360º rotation capacity. 

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