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In the colder seasons of the year, as well as on chilly summer nights, a wood-burning fire pit creates an involving aura. Close your eyes and imagine yourself: gathering with friends, with family, or on a relaxing evening all by yourself reading a book, drinking a glass of wine or just gazing at the starry sky. How captivating is this thought?

If your fear is dealing with fire we will leave you with some tips so that you can do it safely.

 – The first thing to do is to make sure that the fire pit is on a flat surface, with the components correctly assembled, in a clean area and away from flammable materials;

– Maintain close supervision while the fire pit is on, and ensure that children recognise the danger and are at an appropriate safety distance;

– Do not have petrol or other flammable liquids near the fire pit, or use such flammable materials to light it;

– Do not use the fire pit inside an closed space, this type of product is designed exclusively for outdoor use. If you use it, inside a space, without the appropriate smoke extraction system, the carbon monoxide released can accumulate in the space and be toxic to your health;

– Do not wear flammable or loose clothing if you are using the fire pit;

– To keep the flame alight you can help strengthen it with a blowpipe or a fan, helping the larger logs to ignite and hold the flames;

– In case of fire use a fire blanket;

– Use only certified firelighters for fire lighting;

– Use long tools to handle the wood;

– Never lean into the combustion zone;

– Before leaving the fire pit, ensure that it is completely extinguished and without any possibility that it will re-ignite;

– Do not use water to extinguish the flame;

– Cleaning should be carried out after each use, but before doing it make sure that the fire is out and the surfaces are no longer hot;

– Do not use chemical products to clean the fireplace;

– Use adequate products for cleaning stainless steel;

– Do not use steel wool or invasive sponges as they may scratch the surface;

– If you use the fire pit to cook food, clean it after each use with neutral pH detergents and rinse it thoroughly to remove any residue;

Fire is something that demands our respect, and even if we get used to handling it and think we have mastered it, it is still unpredictable and surprising, so we should always be cautious and prudent in its presence.