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In recent times, the desire to enjoy terraces and outside patios has grown. We have come to value outdoor moments more and more. Therefore, it’s increasingly important to create comfortable outdoor environments where people feel truly welcome, providing more moments of socialising in the open air. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good conversation on the terrace or in the open air?

With a fireplace or outdoor heater, it is possible to enjoy those moments on your terrace, on the patio of a restaurant or in a café. Even when the days are grey and rainy, having an outdoor heater creates a comfortable and cosy atmosphere which gives your terrace a maximum potential.

There are several terrace heating solutions. You can use wood, gas or bioethanol. It all depends on your preference, your taste, the atmosphere you want to create and the feeling you want to give. We leave you here some suggestions:

1) Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are ideal to place in patios. Dinners under the moonlight will become even more pleasurable and unique with this heating equipment. GlammFire gas heaters are known for their mobility and the simplicity of controlling the flame intensity with a remote control. GlammFire gas heaters combine productivity with an inspiring and unique design. Available in a range of designs and colours, these gas heaters are customizable through the GlammFire Bespoke Program.

2) Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are the centrepiece of any garden. The design and materials of GlammFire outdoor fireplaces combined with the dancing flames completely transform any environment. Wood, gas or bioethanol are the options you can choose for your outdoor fireplace. 

3) Outdoor fireplaces which are coffee tables

There are outdoor fireplaces that in addition to their main function of making the environment more comfortable can also perform the function of a coffee table. Some of GlammFire’s outdoor fireplaces models have built-in benches that can be customized in colour, which makes it easier when choosing the decoration of the spaces.