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Fire pits are not just beautiful complements to spaces. Whether it’s for the garden of your home or the terrace of your business, investing in outdoor heating equipment will allow you to enjoy these spaces even more.

Fire pits are the perfect focal point for your backyard, they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They will help you enjoy outdoor spaces all year round with the same comfort as in the summer. From wood, gas and bioethanol, you can choose the fireplace that best suits your lifestyle.

We leave you with some reasons to invest in a Fire Pit:

  1. Fire pits have an easy maintenance.

All heating appliances must be kept in the best condition for them to have a long durability.

The maintenance of fire pits is usually simple and quick. In the case of outdoor bioethanol and gas fire pits, the process is even simpler since no ashes are produced. For the maintenance of outdoor wood-burning fire pits, we recommend to wash your fireplace regularly and not to let ashes accumulate. You should preferably remove the ashes from the previous fire before you start it up again. Remember that the fire should be completely extinguished when you do this.

We also advise you to cover it, with a protective cover, during the periods when it is not being used, avoiding environmental aggression.

  1. You can enjoy your outdoor spaces more, even in winter.

Have you ever imagined enjoying your garden or terrace in autumn or winter? With GlammFire fire pits you can continue to have fun with friends and family all year round.

  1. Make your terrace more luxurious.

If you own a business with a terrace or outdoor space where your customers hang out, purchasing a fire pit or gas heater will add even more value to your brand. Besides the refinement and sophistication that GlammFire outdoor products can give to the space, they also give a more harmonious and inviting environment to gather friends to have a evening conversation regardless of the weather and temperature that is outside, because that space will always be a pleasant and comfortable environment.

  1. Outdoor fireplaces add value to your property

Glammfire is a worldwide recognised brand due to its functional fireplaces with an innovative design. Consequently, if you own a fireplace, it will add value to your property because the space will have a different impact if it is surrounded by one of our products.