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With the end of summer and the lower temperatures approaching, there comes a time when you can change the well-being in your home. A fireplace can transform any space, night and day, into a warm, engaging and fascinating environment.

The following examples are part of the collection of many different shapes and forms in which we can provide you with these much desired moments: 


Thales is the worlds first suspended fireplace with an automatic round bioethanol burner, based on a circular design, making it a versatile and adjustable piece with a sculptural and charismatic design.


Contour is our latest model and the definition of timeless minimalism. It is a piece that stands out for its simplicity and instead of diverting attention, it complements and involves.

Perola Plus

Perola Plus model is the main character of the space in which it is placed, transmitting balance and elegance. A distinctive piece with marine inspiration and a central and inviting flame.

GlammBox EVOPlus

Our GlammBox are very versatile models. They can be used to separate divisions, providing heat to two sides, to the front and sides, or just to one side. The flames they create are elegant and magnetic.

Fire Line

Our Fire Line works with a simply innovative system, equipped with an intuitive interface and the most advanced security and interactivity features.

GlammFire’s principles are Innovation, Exclusivity, Excellence, Rigour, Quality and Elegance and all our models reflect this characteristics.