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Choosing a form of heating for our home should be a well thought out and considered decision. Today, bioethanol fireplaces are one of the best solutions and the following factors will show you why.

Bioethanol fireplaces:

1. They do not require a chimney, so they can be installed in any room of the house at any time.

2. Installation is easy, because as they do not require a chimney, no pipes or any other type of extraction system are needed.

3. They are easy to clean, but you should always use the methods presented by the manufacturer.

4. It is possible to control the flame, thanks to the evolution of the technology developed.

5. They are safe, they are equipped with multiple safety sensors and it is possible to increase or decrease both the heat that is emitted and the size of the flame using a control. But you should always be careful when handling it.

6. They are ecological and sustainable, bioethanol fireplaces produce an amount of CO2 equivalent to two candles, which makes them very environmentally friendly.

7. They are harmless to health as they release only water vapour and an insignificant amount of CO2.

8. They do not release bad smells, the smell of smoke is always unpleasant, but with bioethanol fireplaces, this problem does not arise.

9. They are more efficient, as they do not require a chimney, therefore heat has no possible escape.

10. They present a unique design to the home, thanks to their incomparable modernism and elegance.

11. They are cost-effective, on average a litre of bioethanol feeds a fireplace for around four hours, but these figures always depend on the equipment and space.

12. Easy to find, bioethanol can be bought easily in large stores.