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Wood or gas? Traditional or modern? It sounds like a difficult decision, but just figure out which one suits your lifestyle or your preference more. Design, space, price, handling, maintenance and the environment – these are all factors to consider when buying an outdoor fireplace.

The great advantage of outdoor wood-burning fire pits is the feeling they provide. The flame, the sound, the smell, the nature, are factors that make the moments even more pleasant and welcoming, even in a large space. The wood burning is, without a doubt, a sensorial moment.

However, besides releasing pollutant gases, another major disadvantage of wood-burning fire pits is the dirt they make. That’s why, in this type of equipment, cleaning is a fundamental factor for good hygiene and proper functioning of the equipment.

The gas fire pits works with advanced technology which provides greater efficiency and use of the heat they emit. There is no mess, or concern with the expansion of the flame since they are easily controlled by a remote control. Despite not being a non-polluting combustion, the pollution they produce has much lower levels than wood combustion.

This type of fire pits are based on technological components and therefore their maintenance is so important and should always be carried out by specialized technicians as advised by the brand.