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During the months when you don’t need your spare wood, you should find a suitable place to store it. You can even choose to place it next to your fire pit to serve as decoration in a piece of furniture with a personalised design, or hide it in another room. Whatever the choice you make, you should take several factors into account so that it remains in the best conditions.

The first factor to take into account is the dryness of the space. If firewood is in a damp place, it will eventually rot, and then it can’t be used. If possible, the ideal is that it should be in a dry place, exposed to some sunlight, with good ventilation between the various pieces. If the top is closed, the sides should be opened, or vice versa.

A mistake commonly made by everyone is to put it spread out on the ground. The firewood should always be on a platform, a wicker basket or some piece of furniture that can support enough weight so as not to have contact with the ground.

As safety always comes first, pay attention to the size of the wood piles you make, you should not exaggerate so that no accident occurs.