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To light a fireplace and get the best out of it, we must understand a little about the wood we are going to use, or which one is the most correct. All woods are not the same, and their characteristics are reflected in the fire they produce.

Firewood from poplars, sycamores and chestnut trees is considered soft firewood because it can produce more heat and starts burning very quickly. But for the same reasons it also burns faster, which means you always need to restock.

Firewood from trees like oak, walnut and holm oak is denser, so it takes longer to burn, but it burns longer, which in the end can be worth it.

If you prefer a more ecological option, you can now buy ecological firewood that is made from wood waste subjected to high pressure, has no chemicals, does not create dirt and as it has low humidity it does not create smoke, therefore it does not generate the common smell either.

One piece of advice is not to use wood from Italian pine, cedar or cypress trees. These woods have more carbon monoxide, which in excess can create a very dangerous flame and more smoke than normal when you don’t know how to handle the fire yet.

Considering these characteristics now, make the right choice for you.