Monção, February 14th  -  Glammfire proudly announces its debut presenting innovative bioethanol products at the 12th Edition of Progetto Fuoco tradeshow in Verona (Italy) from February 19th to 22nd, one of the most important global event in the sector of installations and equipment for the production of heat and energy from burnt wood.

Glammfire will showcase from its vast range of portfolio products its Glammbox (insert fireplace), Cosmo 13 (wood firepit), Operetta (bioethanol firepit), series of mechanic bioethanol burners for combustion zones, as well as its recently presented at Maison et Objet 2020 in Paris its most contemporary fireplace with features that make it unique worldwide and special at everyone’s home: ARCHIMEDES.

ARCHIMEDES is an environmentally conscious bioethanol fireplace that easily pivots in a 360° movement and works with a Crea7ion EVOPlus technology automatic fire round bio-burner with rechargeable batteries without fixed connections, allowing up to 25 hours of autonomy with just 10 liters of fuel, embracing the highest safety standards.

Manufactured by dedicated and experienced craftsmen, the Archimedes fireplace is fully constructed of steel, with a gold-plated interior with high temperature resistant varnish finish, defector plate and polished titanium steel decorative plate.

ARCHIMEDES is a fireplace that works with a bioethanol combustion zone and doesn’t require construction works (pre or post installation) that can be independently rotated 360 degrees, releases any odors, smoke neither sparks. 

 “ARCHIMEDES is a piece of art with innovative design that changes the paradigm of the obvious that its not at all. Do fireplaces need to have a chimney? In fact, no they don´t” states Marcelo Inácio – Glammfire’s Chief Executive Officer.

At the Progetto Fuoco fair, “customers will be able to see the entry level fireplace in gold-plated interior, with a manual incorporated full turning pivoting system but can opt also for a much more exquisite and exclusive one with gold-leave finishing, anticipating a much long awaited top range version to be showcased in April in Milan (Italy) at Saloni del Mobile 2020.” – explains Mário Ferreira, Glammfire´s Chief Marketing Officer


Founded in 2008 in the north of Portugal, Glammfire is a world-class luxury fireplaces brand, represents Portuguese design as well as modern/contemporary style.

As one of the world's most wanted fireplaces brands, Glammfire specializes in the development and manufacture of unique, environmentally friendly fireplaces that fit a new lifestyle.

The desire for greater demand and efficiency, the pursuit of difference, embodied in the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to the environment are details present in each Glammfire product.


Progetto Fuoco is the reference fair for all world operators in the sector: in the last edition, there were more than 70,000 visitors, including more than 15,000 foreigners from 70 countries.

A promotional campaign throughout Europe (we are present in specialized magazines in Russia, Poland, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Greece) and the presence with stands at all the main events in the sector confirm the international reference role assumed over the years by Progetto Fuoco. Here are the numbers of the 12th edition

  • 800 companies, 40% of which are foreigners from 40 countries.

  • 130,000 square meters of exhibition area.

  • 75,000 expected visitors, 25% of whom are foreigners from 70 countries.

  • 250 accredited journalists

Progetto Fuoco will display of more than 3500 products, 300 of which are functional, thanks to the smoke extraction system.

Progetto Fuoco develops currently scientific collaborations with AIEL, technical partner, University of Padua TeSAF, Anfus, Assocosma and all the main industry associations.