Ceramic bioethanol burners

Ceramic bioethanol burners

Fully made from stainless steel, the GlammFire bioethanol burners feature a contemporary design and outstanding manufacturing quality. The resistance and safety of the materials employed reinforce their excellent versatility as pieces of high functional and decorative nature. They are more and more becoming part of projects by architects, interior designers and decorators.

Sturdy construction and finishing quality, reflecting GlammFire’s outstanding craftsmanship.
High quality materials - 5mm thick stainless steel plate
Safety reservoir - additional protection in case of accidental spillage or overfilling of fuel
Flame level adjustment – min., max.
Filling system independent from the combustion fire line
Stainless steel slides - Exclusive GlammFire
Uninterrupted combustion fire line
Combustion fire line length - up to 830 mm
Visualization and control of the fuel level – Burner V

Ceramics stone. More than a feature.

Fuel absorbing effect.
During burner filling, the ceramics stone completely absorbs all the fuel. This absorption effect leads to a uniform distribution of the introduced fuel, resulting into an efficient combustion.
A flame with excellent performance.
The air streams tend to affect the performance of the flame. With the inclusion of ceramics stone, and consequent uniform distribution of fuel, the result is a flame that is pure GlammFire - stable and fascinating.

Higher autonomy. High calorific performance.
The perfect compromise between performance and comfort. Thanks to the action of ceramics stone, the benefits are obvious: higher autonomy and high calorific performance.
Protection against shock and tilt.
Sometimes accidental impacts or shocks may occur with your burner. At GlammFire, in order to ensure maximum safety, we anticipate these situations by leading tests that diagnose the vulnerability and reaction of a burner to shock or tilt. Acting actively, the ceramics stone, besides contributing to an efficient combustion, turns impossible the occurrence of fuel spillage. We do not only think of your safety, but also of your children and pets safety.