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GlammFire Big Apple Supply Showroom Opens

New York, November 25th – BIG APPLE SUPPLY, Inc proudly announces the opening of its Glammfire New York showroom located at 55 East Second Street Mineola, NY 11501.

“With this showroom we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor living products from one of the world’s most modern design luxurious fireplaces brands – Glammfire. These products are available for direct purchase not only by Architects and Interior Designers but also private Customers that want to have exclusive high-end fireplaces, firepits and barbecues/grill units.” affirms Mr. Victor Murca (Big Apple Supply Showroom Manager).

At the BIG APPLE SUPPLY showroom customers will be able to see a wide range of Glammfire product units with emphasis for bioethanol fireplaces, outdoor living bioethanol and wood firepits, gas and charcoal grill units, gas heaters for patio and terraces.

“Our goal is to increase our national sales network and we are actively looking for Sales Representatives already with or intending to open soon a showroom in at least ten states within the next two years. California, Washington, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Maryland are our goals to allow us to offer private and professional visitors, technical advice and assistance regarding these products plus the possibility for visitors to see and experimenting exclusive and exquisite pieces made with high quality materials.” - states Mr. Dan Rodrigues (GlammfireUSA Country Representative Manager).

GlammfireUSA (Exclusive Distributor for United States of America market of Glammfire products) is also working and open to establish business partnerships with well known European and American brands in the sectors of outdoor living furniture, indoor luxury furniture, fashion and household tabletops to showcase and make available to American customers their range of products, as well as, do product placement at premium entertainment, fashion & lifestyle or sport (sailing, tennis and golf only) events to generate brand awareness


Founded in 2008 in the north of Portugal, Glammfire is a world-class luxury fireplaces brand, represents Portuguese design as well as modern/contemporary style.

As one of the world's most wanted fireplaces brands, Glammfire specializes in the development and manufacture of unique, environmentally friendly fireplaces that fit a new lifestyle.

The desire for greater demand and efficiency, the pursuit of difference, embodied in the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to the environment are details present in each Glammfire product.


Bioethanol is considered a renewable energy source, 100% green, which respects the environment and does not contribute to global warming.

Bioethanol or simply "ethanol", as fuel for the operation of fireplaces, is produced through the fermentation of products of vegetal origin like sugar cane, potatoes, sugar beet and cereals, among others. It is considered a renewable energy source, 100% green, which respects the environment and does not contribute to global warming. Hence the name "bio" ethanol.

Bioethanol fireplaces are highly efficient and require no chimney or pipes. Most of heat generated by the combustion of bioethanol stays on the room.


Stone, brick and shale of impeccable quality matched by extensive masonry knowledge and personalized customer service — that is what architects, contractors and homeowners throughout the New York metropolitan area have come to expect from family owned and operated BIG APPLE SUPPLY. We distinguish ourselves from other stone suppliers through our unbreakable combination of expert service, quality products and low prices, reinforced by an unshakeable commitment to customer satisfaction.

Free estimates and consultations are just a phone call away, and speedy delivery is available for all products seen on this website. Furthermore, even if we do not stock something in our inventory, we can usually get it to you within 24 hours.