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Glammfire Celebrates Its 12th Anniversary

Monção, Londres, Paris, Nova Iorque, Pequim, Xangai, september 10th – The Portuguese luxury fireplace brand, GlammFire, celebrates its 12th anniversary on 13th September.

In 2008, Marcelo Inácio – CEO and founder of GlammFire – gave birth to one of his dreams: to create a national brand of fireplaces that would represent the best of Portuguese design combined with a modern/contemporary style. Therefore, focused on creating high quality products, GlammFire was born.  A brand that has always aspired to innovate both in the design of its pieces and in the field of technology, always seeking to offer its customers unique and differentiated products, without ever neglecting the refinement, safety and environment. 
GlammFire  is formed by an indomitable entrepreneurial team that has allowed us, throughout these 12 years, to constantly break barriers to create products with unique designs, using noble materials in their manufacture, highly innovative at the technological level and, of course, without ever forgetting our commitment to the environment” – says Marcelo Inácio, GlammFire’s CEO.