A suspended double-sided fireplace that transcends the fire line

Combining elegance and technology in a sublime way, Eudoxus displays the essence of its personality from the very first look. A suspended double-sided fireplace with delicate lines and details that transcend the fire line. As with all models of the new line of GlammFire Suspended Fireplaces, Eudoxus reflects the high standards of our craftsmanship.

Innovation and refinement are mirrored in the design of this fabulous masterpiece that subtly incorporates a discreet and intuitive technology at your fingertips. Whatever the space or ambience, this suspended fireplace always adds an unmistakable style while providing an incredible experience of comfort and well-being.
Materials// Steel
Finishings// Black lacquered steel
Velvet (optional)
Dimensions// 2200-2400 h x 1195 w x 1190 d mm
Weight// 204 kg | 449.7 lbs
Lithium battery included

Burner// Crea7ionEVOPlus Fire Line 400
Finishings// Black lacquered stainless steel
Black titanium-coated polished stainless steel (optional)
Fuel// Bioethanol
Tank// 3,5 L
Power// 2,25 kW
Autonomy// 7-10 hours
  • Finishings Eudoxus
  • Note: More finsihings available upon request.

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