The most contemporary fireplace with features that make it unique worldwide and special at your place.

Manufactured by dedicated and experienced craftsmen, the Archimedes fireplace is fully constructed of steel, with a gold-plated interior (optional) with high temperature resistant varnish finish, defector plate and polished titanium steel decorative plate (optional).

The Archimedes fireplace easily pivots in a 360° movement and works with a Crea7ion EVOPlus technology automatic round bio-burner with rechargeable batteries without fixed connections, allowing up to 25 hours of autonomy with just 10 liters of fuel, embracing the highest safety standards.
Materials// Steel
Finishings// Black lacquered steel
Black lacquered steel with gold interior (optional)
Black lacquered steel with gold leaf interior (optional)
Velvet (optional)
Dimensions// 2200 a x 980 Ø mm | 86.6 a x 38.6 Ø "
Weight// 200 kg | 440,9 lb
Accessories// High temperature resistant glass included
Lithium battery included

Tank// Crea7ionEVOPlus Fire Round
Finishings// Black lacquered stainless steel (standard)
Black titanium-coated polished stainless steel (optional)
Fuel// Bioethanol
Tank// 10 L
Power// 2-4 kW
Autonomy// 15-25 hours
  • Finishings Archimedes
  • Finishings Archimedes
  • Finishings Archimedes
  • Note: More finsihings available upon request.
    Accessories Lower Glass - High Temperature Resistant Glass Lower Glass - High Temperature Resistant Glass
    Note: More accessories available upon request.

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