Rectangular 2000

Rectangular 2000

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  • Rectangular
    1000 w x 300 d x 308 h mm
  • Rectangular 1500
    Rectangular 1500
    1500 w x 300 d x 308 h mm
  • Rectangular 3000
    Rectangular 3000
    3000 w x 300 d x 308 h mm

Made from the most resistant materials to the exterior atmospheric conditions the rectangular gas combustion zone has a unique, welcoming and cozy character that embraces all those who give preference to the experiences lived in the outdoor spaces.
Ingnition mode// Electronic - remote control
Materials// Brushed stainless steel AISI 316
Dimensions// 2000 w x 300 d x 308 h mm
Weight// 70 kg
Fuel// Propane gas/ Butane gas/ Natural gas (EN 437)
Gas Comsuption// Propane/ Butane: 0,4 – 1,7 kg/h
Gas connection// 3/8’’ G | 12 Ø mm (ISO 7-1/EN 10226-1)
Power// 8.76 - 37.21 kW
Pressure// Propane/ Butane: 37.0 mbar
Standard finishing// Brushed stainless steel AISI 316
Accessories// Decorative glass | Set of 4 high temperature resistant glass | Combustion zone decoration | Decorative stones | Combsution zone protection cover
  • Finishings Rectangular 2000
  • Note: More finsihings available upon request.
    Accessories White stones White stones
    Accessories Black stones Black stones
    Accessories Fuel Compartment Cover Fuel Compartment Cover
    Accessories Decorative glass Decorative glass
    Note: More accessories available upon request.

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