Kit Glamm H3D 700

  • Kit Glamm H3D 700

Kit Glamm H3D 700

X Y Weeks

Assuming themselves as true protagonists in terms of decor, Kits Glamm 3D are conspicuous by their great versatility and ability to create a pleasant interior atmosphere. Owing to the use of 3D technology they provide also an incredible sense of visual comfort and aesthetic balance.
The beauty of the spaces lies in the details.
Type// built-in
Materials// lacquered steel
Dimensions// 490 w x 700 h x 255 d mm
Capacity// 1,1 litres (decalcified tap water)
Weight// 13 kg
Heating Element// 2 kW
Autonomy// 8:00 hours
Voltage// 220/240 V/50 Hz
*Remote control included
  • Finishings Kit Glamm H3D 700
  • Note: More finsihings available upon request.

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