Monção, London, Paris, Madrid, Stuttgart, New York, Beijing, Moscow, Mumbai, Hanoi, January 22nd  -  Glammfire will cooperate with supermodel Jessica Minh Ahn and DHL Express U.S. providing environmentally conscious heating systems for J Winter Fashion Show 2020.

 On February 6, 2020, at John F. Kennedy international airport in New York City, fashion show producer and supermodel Jessica Minh Anh will make history with the first ever catwalk centered around the globally sustainable supply chain. Powered by DHL Express U.S., J Winter Fashion Show 2020 will premiere the most exquisite fashion collections, while highlighting the modern upcycling and delivery process in a creative way.  

Part of Jessica’s iconic Fashion x Sustainability series, the high-profile event follows the international successes of previous enviro-fashion phenomena atop Hoover Dam, Gemasolar power plant, and Race For Water solar-wind-hydro powered vessel.

 “This is the second time Glammfire gets involved in a fashion show as invited Partner. First time was in Paris Fashion Week in 2012 and it is now a pleasure to cooperate with Ms. Jessica Minh Anh for this event. ” states Marcelo Inácio – Glammfire’s CEO.

 At this event, “Glammfire will provide from its diverse product range of fireplaces, fire-pits, heaters and barbecues, its acclaimed unique design styles Hyperion Tile gas heaters placed at the catwalk with the purpose of providing best comfort to VIP guests and fire round bioethanol burners at backstage inside a 747 Boeing Cargo Jet from DHL Express U.S..” – explains Mário Ferreira, Glammfire´s Chief Marketing Officer.


Recently Glammfire debuted in Paris its new master piece ARCHIMEDES: an environmentally conscious bioethanol fireplace that easily pivots in a 360° movement and works with a Crea7ion EVOPlus technology automatic fire round bio-burner with rechargeable batteries without fixed connections, allowing up to 25 hours of autonomy with just 10 liters of fuel, embracing the highest safety standards.

 Manufactured by dedicated and experienced craftsmen, the Archimedes fireplace is fully constructed of steel, with a gold-plated interior with high temperature resistant varnish finish, defector plate and polished titanium steel decorative plate.

 ARCHIMEDES is a fireplace that works with a bioethanol combustion zone and doesn’t require construction works (pre or post installation) that can be independently rotated 360 degrees, releases any odors, smoke neither sparks. 


Founded in 2008 in the north of Portugal, Glammfire is a world-class luxury fireplaces brand, represents Portuguese design as well as modern/contemporary style.

As one of the world's most wanted fireplaces brands, Glammfire specializes in the development and manufacture of unique, environmentally friendly fireplaces that fit a new lifestyle. The desire for greater demand and efficiency, the pursuit of difference, embodied in the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to the environment are details present in each Glammfire product.

Glammfire provides a wide range of fireplaces, firepits, heaters and barbecues for residential and hospitality projects available as well in bespoke and contract business options. Its products are available currently in 50+ countries worldwide with direct installation and technical assistance throughout its network of distributors, resellers and brand agents.


Supermodel Jessica Minh Anh is the world’s most innovative fashion show producer with extraordinary visual concepts. She has continuously made history atop famous architectural wonders including the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, and PETRONAS Twin Towers. Most impressively, she broke the record with the world’s highest fashion show on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, and was chosen to bring a positive image to the new symbol of hope and freedom of America, One World Trade Center, with the first ever event 6 months before its grand opening.

Besides sky-high productions, Jessica is known for her celebrated Ocean Catwalk Series atop international cruise ships across the 4 continents, and her annual Catwalk-On-Water phenomena in Paris and New York. Her famous catwalks have received extensive global media coverage from the likes of CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Telemundo, FashionTV, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Grazia, WWD, among many others.

An advocate for renewable energy in the new age, Jessica Minh Anh started the Fashion x Sustainability series in 2015. She successfully promoted green technology at GemaSOLAR power plant in Spain, hydroelectric power atop the Hoover Dam in the US, “Waste-to-Wealth” practices in the Maldives, and most recently Race For Water solar-wind-hydro powered vessel alongside biogreen technology in Malaysia. She has consistently inspired a new generation of leaders with her unwavering focus on reinvention, cultural integration, and technological advancement, which she shared on TEDx stage in 2019.

“Jessica Minh Anh made the world her runway” - CNN

“ To supermodel and businesswoman Jessica Minh Anh, nothing is impossible” - Madame Figaro

“Jessica Minh Anh combines art, architecture, culture, and fashion in her many history-making catwalks” - ABC7

“Jessica Minh Anh is electrifying the fashion world” - Paris Match