FIRE LINE EVOPlus 600 Lite

FIRE LINE EVOPlus 600 Lite

GlammFire bet on an entry-level product, keeping the Crea7ionEVOPlus burners in a 'Lite' version.
This version has a manual filling system with consumption optimization and the most advanced security and interactivity features.
Materials//Stainless steel
Ignition mode//Remote control and display - electric
Tank// 5 L
Fire Line// Dimensions - 600 mm | Material – Brushed stainless steel
Dimensions (Model)//W966 x D210 x >H160 mm |W37.6 x D8.3 x >H6.3''
Dimensions (Built in hole)// L946 x P190 x >A170 mm | L45.1x P7.5 x >A6.7
Weight// 22 kg
Power// 3,4 kW
Autonomy// 6 - 8.5 hours
Recommende min. area// 21 m2

Filling system:
Manual filling

Cre7ionEVOPlus 600 lite differences:
-Lithium battery option
-Manual filling system included
-Home automation not available
-Combustion zone in brushed stainless stee

Finishings// Brushed stainless steel
Finishings// Black lacquered stainless steel
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  • Ausführungen FIRE LINE EVOPlus 600 Lite
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