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  • Stravaganza
  • Stravaganza


Turning pleasure, intensity and freedom, into a true lifestyle.
Exterior structure// Rusted corten steel
Interior structure// Lacquered carbon steel
Fuel compartment// Brushed AISI 316 stainless steel
Fuel// Firewood / Charcoal / Gas / Bioethanol
Dimensions// 1678 ø x 486 h mm
Weight// 222 kg
Protection cover// Included
Cooking// Optional

Option - Gas//
Fuel compartment decoration// White decorative stones
Fuel// Propane gas / Butane gas / Natural gas
Gas rate// Propane/Butane 860 - 2300 g/h | Natural 1,4 - 3,7 m3/h
Power// 5-20 kW
Ignition// Remote Control

Option - Bioethanol//
Burner I// 2 litres (liquid bioethanol)
Protection// High temperature resistant round glass
Power// 2,7 kW
RAL 9005
Note: More colours available upon request.
Finishings Stravaganza
Rusted corten steel
Finishings Stravaganza
Lacquered carbon steel
Finishings Stravaganza
Corten varnished steel
Finishings Stravaganza
Golden leaf dressed interior
Note: More finsihings available upon request.
Accessories Spark Screen Spark Screen
Accessories Grill Grill
Accessories Barbecue Mitt Barbecue Mitt
Accessories Leds Stravaganza Leds Stravaganza
Accessories Fuel Compartment Cover Fuel Compartment Cover
Note: More accessories available upon request.
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